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Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Heuristics &
Biomimetic Systems

Intelligent, Learning, Adaptive

A I   H E U R I S T I C S    T H A T    L E A R N    &    A D A P T

Technology & Engineering ...

AI Defense Technologies has been pioneering artificial intelligence for nearly two decades.

Technologies and algorithmic systems licensed and used by banks, major hedge funds (under non-disclosure).

Multiple award winner in Artificial Intelligence from Ford, AT&T, Ericsson, Samsung, Amazon, Intel and also worked with Deutsche Bank, Citibank among others.

Numerous issued patents in algorithmic application which are licensed and used by every major bank.

Pioneered artificial intelligence in analyzing human behavioral data using similar approaches for analyzing financial markets for predictive marketing analytics to learn what content drives customer interaction.


Industry-Leading Technology Innovation Awards in Artificial Intelligence...

Over the years we have been issued numerous patents for the technologies we have developed. Many have been sold to Microsoft and licensed to most major banks. But the most rewarding has been the numerous awards we have been awarded from some of the largest Fortune 100 companies including Ford, Intel, Amazon, Samsung, Ericsson, among others.


Data & Computing Infrastructure

We have experience creating arrays of servers and data clusters co-located on multiple trunks for resiliency and speed. In addition, we are located next to one of the few Super NAPs on the planet. The Super NAP we chose is Tier IV Gold, and is also used by the Department of Defense and other military agencies.

We build systems that are capable of maintaining continuous analysis and awareness of the situations they are monitoring, are self-healing, and self-monitoring with integration capabilities through voice, SMS, email, notification systems and more.

Omniscience Engines

The heart of any intelligence is the management system. To accomplish this we infuse our intelligences with situational awareness and capabilities to take action. To this end, they are also self-monitoring, and self-healing.

The reason for this is that any system that is used to monitor, make decisions, and alert... must be resilient. Failure cannot be an option. When we designed large high-frequency trading systems -- the monitoring and management systems were the most critical. Will millions or billions on the line, failure is not an option.


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Advanced Swarm and Hive Optimized Systems

In many instances, nature has already discovered, and fine-tuned solutions for hard problems. Instead of reinventing, the wheel, or a resilient hive structure, why not borrow some of those million year old solution.

We have integrated some of nature's incredible solutions and processes into artificial intelligence, from hive dynamics to swarm biomimetics. These nature-based solutions have proven some of the most effective artificial intelligences.

Imagine combining modern deep learning, and heuristics with some of natures greatest infrastructures and ways of solving problems.

About Us

We are specialists, and pioneered situational aware artificial intelligence which uses machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics to add an extra layer of intelligence to any problem. That new level of intelligence is situationally aware, and can react proactively, and accordingly.

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